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How Does Employee Pooling(EP) Work?

For years, major U.S. corporations, including most of the nation’s largest insurance companies, have relied on highly trained offshore personnel for time-consuming business processing tasks. This strategy not only slashes a company’s operating costs, but also allows them to work more efficiently and extend their operating hours.

Employee Pooling offers the same luxury to smaller businesses. EP is a round the clock processing center. Off shoring business processes to EP turns your BGA into a 24 hour processing center and allows you to focus on being a high-touch relationship center for your customers during regular business hours.

Working in a highly secure environment, Employee Pooling workers assemble the same information your departmental staff currently assemble. Overnight, our employees “clear the decks” and handle all time-consuming tasks so your staff can begin their assigned daily tasks as soon as they arrive each morning. With these tasks already identified, your talented, highly trained staff will improve cycle times, be more responsive to your customers, and have the time to see new initiatives through.

How can I cut costs with EP and meet service standards?

EP provides dedicated, fractional shares of departmental experts for the cost of an intern. Partnering with EP allows you to maintain service standards through the gift of time. Your service providers will have plenty of time to complete their daily responsibilities and answer inbound calls, make things happen with outbound calls, and return emails in a timely manner. Your staff will start their day fresh, no longer burdened with much of yesterday’s work still left to do.

How can EP help my business increase revenues?

EP allows you to manage additional business with ease at current staffing levels! When your staff are meeting service standards, your customers can focus on the next sale. When your staff are meeting service standards, principals and sales VPs can focus on sales and recruiting. EP will handle mundane, time-consuming tasks so your skilled talent can focus on growing your business and boosting revenues.

How can I save time with EP?

EP allows you to double your case managers’ productive hours. With EP, case managers arrive at the office with a daily action list already compiled, giving them a full morning’s jump on your competition. Because our departmental experts are available 24/7, working US business and evening shifts and weekends, when called upon, we can perform your important business processes in real-time and during your agency’s down time, eliminating frustrating delays. Plus, by outsourcing these basic services, your staff can focus on growing your business, building loyalty and boosting profits.

How well-trained and focused are EP’s offshore workers?

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry, with intimate knowledge of U.S. carriers and the different agency management systems and tools utilized by BGAs. EP works with 70+ BGAs and vendors serving BGAs. EP benefits from learning the best practices of our customers and then sharing those best practices with rest. EP processes over 5,500 life, annuity, DI, LTC and senior health applications and agent L&C packages per month, has over 12,000 pending cases under management, processes and reconciles thousands of commission entries per day, runs hundreds of permanent life illustrations, delivers thousands of policy owner service memos to agents and requests to carriers, summaries tens of thousands of pages of medical records, and so on. EP knows the insurance industry.

Furthermore, EP employees may not have their mobile phones at their desks, have no access to social media or internet shopping sites nor their personal email accounts. Most of this is for security reasons but the result is a more focused, less distracted worker.

What will our customers think of EP?

Your customers will not know we exist. We remain behind the curtain. We add scale and stability so your customers have their policies issued and their commission paid much quicker. We help significantly increase your production and your team gets all the credit. Your staff only deals with us and, your customers only deal with you.

When do I need EP?

Employee Pooling can help your business when:

You lose an employee:
You can find a replacement the old fashioned way and spend a lot of money recruiting the right person for the job, pulling a manager off their job to train this new hire, and hope the individual fits into your culture. Or, the next time an employee leaves your agency, turn to EP. We will make the transition seamless! We have the bench-strength to place a service provider that knows your agency management system and is ready to begin work immediately.
Your business is growing.
If your agency is poised for growth, look to EP to minimize the risks of expansion by adding scale and stability exactly where you need it and how much you need. Our support services allow your staff to operate far more efficiently and aggressively and add new lines of business—all while minimizing the cost of ramping up to meet demand.
You want to launch new projects:
Ready to tap into new opportunities, improve services and increase revenues? We can help! EP offers the expert support you need so your agency’s talent can concentrate on launching innovative projects and seeing them through.
You want to get more out of your day.
Why does your workday have to end at 5:00 pm? Make your agency work for you around the clock. While you and your competition are home in the evening with the family, you have a dedicated workforce working throughout the US evening to see that your service standards are met day in and day out.

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