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An Array of Superior Solutions

A one-stop-shop for outsourcing, Employee Pooling offers a full suite of innovative services designed to streamline processes, increase productivity, maximize revenues and give you a serious edge on the competition. From case management to commission reconciliation to tailor made solutions customized for your unique business, we have it all.

Discover some of our most popular services below:

Case Management

This valuable solution can double your case managers’ productive hours. Our unparalleled Case Management solution offers the following benefits:

  • Provides overnight case updates by visiting each carrier’s website to view change reports – EP is your auto-feed solution
  • Transfers status updates to your BGA case management system
  • Posts updates to the command center so each manager receives a completed list of action items by 8 am
  • Creates a to-do list for your case managers to tackle as soon as they arrive each morning

All of the above is handled during your agency’s off-hours, giving you a full morning’s jump on your competition. Relieved of these tedious and time-consuming tasks, your case managers will be free to focus on boosting profits, building loyalty and positioning your agency for growth.

In Good Order Application

Our In Good Order Application service arms you with an efficient overnight “back office” that handles the following tasks.

  • Scrubs applications and orders exams and medical records
  • Builds applications into your CMS
  • Identifies applications that are NiGO
  • Imaging and Doctyping Included
  • Submits iGO applications to the carrier

This priceless solution allows your case manager to focus on important big picture responsibilities instead of wasting time on monotonous data entry functions.

Commission Reconciliation

This invaluable service builds out and maintains your commission module and provides weekly to monthly reconciliation. Our Comprehensive Commission Reconciliation Solution:

  • Delivers accurate payments and statements to your agents, sales VPs, and sub-BGAs
  • Provides accurate accounting of commissions due your BGA
  • Builds-out and maintains AI, SO, HQ, and other commission modules
  • Produces concise commission statements

With this exceptional service, you will know all parties are getting paid the expected amount. Additionally, this solution allows you to run a variety of commission reports to help you manage your agency more effectively. (It is not unusual for the commissions we find to exceed the cost of the service.)

Tailor Made Solutions

Employee Pooling can create a customized solution to fit your unique needs. Our expert staff will work closely with you to identify your pain points and find ways to eliminate road blocks.

We'll help you pick and choose from the following to create the perfect tailor made solution

  • Underwriting Solution that includes APS Summaries & Quick Quotes& Shopping Cases
  • Illustration & Sales Support
  • Licensing & Contract Support
  • IT & Desktop optimization
  • Policy Owner Service Notices and Changes Management
  • Term Conversion Programs
  • Database Clean-Up, Database Management, System Conversions
  • Much, much more

In addition to these popular services, we offer a range of other solutions. Contact us today to learn more!