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Employee Pooling ("EP") delivers turn-key solutions in legal process outsourcing(Lpo services) by dedicating fractional shares of departmental specialists, along with their management hierarchies, to your law firm. EP's legal support services extend the capabilities of both law firms and corporate legal departments, allowing them to be free to strengthen relationships with clients, maintain service standards, start new initiatives, and increase revenues, all the while remaining invisible to the attorney's clients.

The following lists break down common responsibilities in law firms and the many ways EP can assist. The law firm will retain as much responsibility as desired and work with EP to customize processes to meet its needs. EP renders cost-effective support services while delivering high-quality results with the following features:

Information Management and Summarization

EP will index and summarize medical records, with hyperlinks, according to your specifications recorded over a period of years. This helps in assessing the medical condition of a person to support any litigation process. Our summary team is made up of qualified medical professionals in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Nursing and have more than 3 years of clinical and summarizing experience. Your law firm will assess your indexed medical record summary from our HIPAA-HITECH compliant document exchange server. Here are examples of areas where EP can provide customized summarization:

  • Personal Injury
  • Litigation due to health conditions
  • Denial of Insurance and Social Security, Disability Claims
  • Workers Compensation

Litigation Support Services

EP will provide assistance to attorneys and paralegals with routine legal matters, including:

  • Drafting pre-litigation papers, e.g., complaints
  • Discovery documents
  • Drafting opposing papers; e.g., answers, motions, cross-motions, and objections
  • Notices
  • Initial Settlement Demands
  • Dismissal Documents
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Tracking court proceedings
  • Summary Judgments
  • Assistance with paperwork in specialized areas, e.g., bankruptcy- intake package management, debtor follow-ups; immigration- USCIS filings.

Deposition Preparation and Summarization

EP will prepare deposition documents and witness statements by drafting a questionnaire asked to the deponent. After court reporters transcribe verbal depositions in court, the result can be a lengthy, detailed conversation between the deponent and the attorney. EP will provide a summary of the transcript deposition for convenience. EP provides two types of deposition summaries:

  • General summarization: Summarization of the whole deposition.
  • Specific summarization: Summarization of specific portions as per client requirements.

Contract Abstraction, Review & Management

EP will manage, review, and report contract changes to the law firm as changes come into existence.

Legal Research

EP research analysts are trained on LexisNexis, Westlaw, and other tools by U.S. attorneys. EP will research case law, statutory law, regulations and other administrative law, legislative history, and jury verdict and settlement history.

Miscellaneous Services

EP is not limited to the above. EP can work on virtually any process that your law firm wants to outsource. Some examples include:

  • Judgment review and summary
  • Legal Data Processing
  • Analysis and summarization of decided cases
  • Template Drafting - Drafting templates for websites that sell legal forms online